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Professor Thomas Lüscher awarded Honorary Membership

Professor Thomas Lüscher, MD,  FRCP, FESC: awarded Honorary Membership of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology Balatonfüred, Hungary, May 11, 2023

Takotsubo syndrome: getting closer to its causes

Takotsubo syndrome (TTS) accounts for between 1 and 4% of cases presenting clinically as an acute coronary syndrome. It typically presents as a transient cardiac phenotype of left ventricular dysfunction with spontaneous recovery.

Read full article (Cardiovascular Research (2023) 00, 1–15)

The Future of Cardiology

An den Grand Rounds des Royal Brompton Hospital in London sprach Prof. Thomas Lüscher, London/Zürich, über die Errungenschaften der Kardiologie in den letzten Jahrzehnten und über ihre Zukunft.

Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel (herz+gefäss _ 02 _ 2023)

Clinical and Prognostic Relevance of Cardiac Wasting in Patients With Advanced Cancer

In advanced cancer, cachexia is frequently observed in 30% to 80% of patients, depending on the cancer type, stage, and comorbidities.

Going backwards: lifestyle in younger cardiac patients

This editorial refers to ‘20-year trends in the prevalence of modifiable cardiovascular risk factors in young acute coronary syndrome patients hospitalized in Switzerland

Sudden Cardiac Death of an Unusual Kind: Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection in Young Women

Following President Eisenhower’s heart attack on September 26, 1955,1 the spectrum of what we call today acute coronary syndromes (ACS) has markedly expanded.

They eat what we eat, they digest what we ingest

Despite all efforts, cardiometabolic diseases, including obesity and diabetes and their cardiovascular (CV) complications such as myocardial infarction, stroke, and death, remain the main health issues worldwide.

Damit weniger Frauen sterben

Gendermedizin Frauen mit akutem Koronarsyndrom haben ein hohes Sterberisiko, das nicht sein sollte. Denn nicht alle erhalten die optimale Behandlung. Wieso ihre Situation bisher falsch eingeschätzt wurde – und wie sich das ändern kann.

Die Evaluation von Forschern und Universitäten: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen

Jede Tätigkeit muss sich heute einer Überprüfung stellen, so auch die Forschung. Ja, neben der Industrie sind staatliche Institutionen wie beispielswese der Schweizerische Nationalfonds, die Deutsche Forschunggemeinschaft, das National Institute of Health Research im United Kingdom and das National Institute of Health in den USA die wichtigsten Geldgeber.

Albrecht von Haller Award 2022: Congratulations to Stefano Ministrini!

Dr. Stefano Ministrini, research assistant at the Center for Molecular Cardiology, has won this year's Albrecht von Haller Young Investigator Award for his innovative & highly translational research project focusing on the role of JCAD (Junctional protein associated with Coronary Artery Disease) in acute ischaemic stroke. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!