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Support us

We are most grateful for financial contributions to help support research and educational activities.

We therefore should like to invite interested parties to support us either by unrestricted funding or invest in specialized research projects, research fellows or educational activities based on particular requests.

While a general donation to the Foundation is highly appreciated, the Foundation is always open for a personalized approach.

The leadership and management of the Foundation for Cardiovascular Research welcome your investment in improving the quality of life of those suffering with heart disease.

Transparent Reporting Standards

The Foundation strives to build relationships with its investors, and these relationships require trust.

Therefore, if an investor/donor would provide a financial contribution to the Foundation, it is our desire to provide a clear understanding about how the funding is being spent.

The Foundation is transparent with its bookkeeping standards and honours the requests of its investors.

Our bookkeeping methods comply with the national Swiss regulations designated for non-profit organizations called “Swiss GAAP FER 21”, and it is supervised by the “Amt für Berufliche Vorsorge und Stiftungen” of the Kanton Zurich.

These standards are to increase the significance and comparability of the financial statements and of financial reporting. Specifically, the Foundation would supply to its investors/donors an annual report including a meaningful performance report to the standard financial statements.