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The research supported by our Foundation is divided into two branches: basic cardiovascular research and clinical research.

Basic research

Basic research is conducted at the Center for Molecular Cardiology at the University of Zurich / Campus Schlieren, but also in partner institutions in Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States. The goal of the research is to illuminate the mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases. The laboratories have an outstanding track record and belong to one of the most cited research groups in this field. Their research focuses on arteriosclerosis and plaque formation in blood vessels, mechanisms of the aging process in blood vessels, formation of thrombi and stem cell research.

Clinical research

The clinical research focusing on developing novel treatment for patients investigates arteriosclerosis and its formation, medical conditions following arteriosclerosis and new forms of therapies. Other priorities include stem cell research and the role of inflammation factors present during acute coronary syndrome.

Currently supported research projects