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Administration - Finances


Thao Kuhn

Chief Financial Officer

Thao Kuhn has been working for the Foundation for Cardiovascular Research since September 2016. She was promoted to CFO on January 1, 2024.

After completing a commercial apprenticeship, she also obtained a higher business diploma and trained part-time as a specialist in finance and accounting for which training she holds a federal certificate. She gained her professional experience in various sectors such as trusts, telecommunications and healthcare. She also has management experience from her role as Credit Management Team Leader at a leading telecommunications company.

Administration - Accounting

Milena Wettmer

Milena Wettmer


Milena Wettmer has been working as an accountant for the Foundation for Cardiovascular Research since January 2024. She is a certified accountant and has many years of diverse experience in the financial and accounting sector. Most recently, she was Head of Finance and Administration at an SME.