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Cardiology Update India 2021

Mumbai, India
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Dear colleagues

It is a pleasure to announce the 3rd Indo-European Cardiology Update to be held on September 25th - 26th, 2021. Based on the tremendous success and wide acclaim for the Cardiology Update 2020 in Mumbai, the organizers have assembled a truly spectacular scientific program for this year. The joint Indo-European collaboration in the field of cardiology from prevention to management of coronary disease and heart failure is an important avenue to decrease the chronic disease burden in India.

The proposed scientific agenda includes the latest trends in prevention including lipid disorders and hypertension, acute and chronic coronary syndromes and heart failure based on evidence and the most recent ESC Guidelines which are of paramount importance to the physicians in clinical practice. The course will further include state-of-art presentations by eminent Indian and European faculty members known for their clinical expertise in the most common cardiac conditions.

We are confident that the Indo-European Cardiology Update 2021 will be yet another milestone in professional education and in the annals of preventive cardiology. The attendees will gain additional clinical tools in the early identification of cardiovascular risk factors and in the management of cardiovascular disease in the community.

Best wishes and kind regards,

Thomas F. Lüscher and C. Venkata S. Ram

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Day - 1 Saturday, September 25th, 2020
5:00-8:30 pm (Mumbai time) / 1:30-5:00 pm (Zurich time)

Welcome Address:
5:00 pm Welcome, Introduction 1. Day C.Venkata S.Ram, Hyderabad, India
5:10 pm Greetings from Zurich Heart House Thomas F. Lüscher, London /Zurich


5:15 pm – 6:45 pm Session 1: Dyslipidemia and Prevention
Chairpersons: Venkata Ram, Hyderabad/Dallas and Thomas F. Lüscher, London/Zurich
5:15 pm From herbs to drugs to genetic tools:
Hyperlipidemia as the paradigmatic example
Thomas F. Lüscher,
London & Zurich
5:30 pm LDL strategy: “the lower the better”, “the earlier the better”
“the longer the better”, implementation of the guidelines
Indian Speaker
5:45 pm The 2021 ESC Prevention Guidelines: What‘s new? Frank L.J. Visseren,
6:00 pm Subclinical atherosclerosis: from markers to management
Or: The very high risk ASCVD patient: how to deal with an elephant?
Indian speaker
6:15 pm Panel discussion, Q and A All Faculty Members


7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Session 2: Acute and Chronic Coronary Syndromes
Chairpersons: Frank L.J. Visseren, Utrecht and Indian Chairman
7:00 pm Practical consequences of the ESC Guidelines on NSTEMI ACS:
Diagnosis, risk assessment and DAPT

Holger Thiele, Leipzig

7:15 pm Risk scores for ischemia and bleeding risk:
In search of the sweet spot

Indian speaker

7:30 pm INOCA and MINOCA: Diagnosis and management Filippo Crea, Rome
7:45 pm Impact of comorbidities after ACS:
Detection and management
Indian speaker
8:00 pm Panel discussion, Q and A All Faculty Members
8:30 pm End of Day 1  


Day - 2 Sunday, September 26th, 2021
5:00-8:40 pm (Mumbai time) / 1:30-5:10 pm (Zurich time)

5:00 pm

Welcome, Introduction 2. Day

C. Venkata S. Ram,
Thomas F. Lüscher,

5:05 pm – 6:30 pm Session 3: Hypertension and Arrhythmias
Chairpersons: Filippo Crea, Rome and Indian Chairman

5:05 pm ABPM and Home BP Monitoring in India: Present & Future C. Venkata S. Ram,
5:20 pm Resistant hypertension: State-of-the-art Felix Mahfoud, Homburg
5:35 pm Challenging situations in hypertension management Indian speaker
5:50 pm Atrial fibrillation: causes, diagnosis and management Indian speaker
6:05 pm Panel Discussion, Q&A All Faculty Members


6:45 pm – 8:40 pm Session 4: Heart Failure
Chairpersons: Felix Mahfoud, Homburg and Indian Chairman
6:45 pm The 2021 ESC guidelines: Implications for clinical practice Marco Metra, Brescia
7:00 pm Biomarkers in Heart failure Indian speaker
7:15 pm Dilated vs ischemic cardiomyopathy as a cause of
heart failure and sudden death
Sanjay Prasad, London
7:30 pm Optimization of pharmacotherapy in heart failure Indian speaker
7:45 pm Heart failure with and without diabetes Milton Packer, Dallas
8:00 pm Panel discussion, Q and A All Faculty Members
8:30 pm Key messages, concluding remarks Thomas F. Lüscher,
London & Zurich
C.Venkata S.Ram,
Hyderabad, India
8:40 pm End of Day 2

Draft 20 May 2021