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Davos, Switzerland
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Dear Colleagues

We are pleased to announce the 21st Cardiology Update Course, taking place in Davos, Switzerland from 8-12 February 2015. This four-day programme will offer a comprehensive update of major topics in cardiology, presented by a distinguished international teaching faculty. The course is a joint educational programme of the Zurich Heart House/Foundation for Cardiovascular Research, the University Hospital Zurich, and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

The educational objectives are to review and disseminate recent advances in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disease, as well as to discuss their impact on clinical practice. Completing this course will enable attendees to treat patients in accordance with current clinical evidence over the broad spectrum of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiology Update is designed for clinicians specialised in cardiology, internal and general medicine. Aside from traditional state-of-the-art lectures, a strong emphasis is placed on interactive education, aiming to provide guidance in everyday practice. The spirit of the course is a stimulating working and learning environment, offering great opportunities for networking among faculty members and participants.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the next Cardiology Update meeting in 2015.

Thomas F. Lüscher, M.D.
Professor and Chairman Cardiology
University Hospital Zurich

Bertram Pitt, M.D.
Professor of Medicine Emeritus
University of Michigan School of Medicine
Ann Arbor MI, USA

Thierry C. Gillebert, M.D.
Professor of Cardiology
ESC Education Committee
University of Ghent

Ruth Amstein, Ph.D.
Director Zurich Heart House
Foundation for Cardiovascular Research


Monday, 9/2/15Tuesday, 10/2/15 | Wednesday, 11/2/15Thursday, 12/2/15

Abstract Booklet of the Poster Sessions
Download the Booklet

All main Lectures in Room Davos 2 can be watched online:


Monday, February 9, 2015

Room Davos 2
Opening and Welcome Address T.F. Lüscher, Zurich
  Opening Address by the President of the ESC F. Pinto, Lisbon
08:15-09:00 Paul Lichtlen Lecture
Social value and meaningful outcomes in clinical trials research
S. Pocock, London
Room Davos 2
Morning Session 1: Atherosclerosis, Genetics
Chair: C. Matter, Zurich and B. Pitt, Ann Arbor
09:00 Therapeutic approaches to modulating inflammation and the immune response in atherosclerosis P. Libby, Boston
09:20 Lifetime risk: An appropriate tool for preventive interventions? J. Deanfield, London
09:40 Personalised care in the age of the patient genome G. Pitt, Durham
10:00-10:30 Coffee  
Room Davos 2
Morning Session 2: Hypertension
Chair: F. Pinto, Lisbon and D. Wood, London
10:30 The new ESC/JCN Guidelines: impact on clinical practice F. Ruschitzka, Zurich
10:50 Renal nerve ablation: where to go? T.F. Lüscher, Zurich
11:10 Salt, blood pressure and cardiovascular events: Is salt restriction relevant? S. Yusuf, Hamilton
Room Davos 2
Satellite Symposium Servier: Contemporary Issues in Hypertension
Chair: F. Ruschitzka, Zurich (A lunch bag will be offered)
12:00 Introduction F. Ruschitzka, Zurich
12:05 How well are hypertensive patients treated? F. Mach, Geneva
12:25 Value of fixed combination treatments in hypertensive patients with comorbidities J.-J. Mourad, Paris
12:45 Challenges in hypertension management: Interactive case discussion I. Sudano, Zurich
13:05 Discussion and take-home message F. Ruschitzka, Zurich
Room Davos 2
Afternoon Session 1: Risk Factors and Prevention
Chair: P. Libby, Boston and S. Sharma, London
13:30 EUROASPIRE IV: Prevention at work in Europe D. Wood, London
13:52 Risk factors and outcomes for CVD, cancers, kidney and lung diseases globally: the PURE Study S. Yusuf, Hamilton
14:14 Environmental hazards – air pollution and noise as novel risk factors T. Gori, Mainz
14:36 Testosterone: a novel treatment for prevention of cardiovascular disease? F. Mach, Geneva
15:00-15:30 Coffee  
15:30-16:30 Meet the Expert Sessions
(Parallel Sessions)
Schwarzhorn Prevention Guidelines in Europe and the US
Experts and short presentations: P. Libby, Boston and D. Wood; London
Seehorn Hypertension: Case Based Management
Experts: T.F. Lüscher, Zurich and S. Yusuf, Hamilton Cases: T. Gori, Mainz and I. Sudano, Zurich
Wisshorn Sports Cardiology
Experts: D. Corrado, Padova and S. Sharma, London Cases: J. Niebauer, Salzburg and C. Schmied, Zurich
Poster Session: Atherosclerosis, Risk Factors, Prevention
Chair: G. Pitt, Durham
Room Davos 2
Afternoon Session 2A: Sports Cardiology
Chair: F. Mach, Geneva and C. Schmied, Zurich
16:30 Current concepts in cardiac screening J. Niebauer, Salzburg
16:50 Recommendations for sports participation in athletes with known cardiovascular disease D. Corrado, Padova
17:10 “Paracelsus reloaded” – searching for the perfect “dose” of physical activity S. Sharma, London
Room Davos 1 16:30-17:30 Afternoon Session 2B: Diabetes / Obesity
Chair: G. Pitt, Durham and S. Yusuf, Hamilton
16:30 New ESC Guidelines on diabetes, pre-diabetes and cardiovascular disease F. Cosentino, Stockholm
17:10 Bariatric surgery in obesity and type 2 diabetes E. Osto, Zurich
17:30-18:00 Apéro Riche
(for participants of the Satellite Symposia only)
Room Davos 2
Satellite Symposium Bayer Healthcare Atrial Fibrillation, Cardioversion and NOACs:
Practical Considerations and Patient Management

Chair: T.F. Lüscher, Zurich and F. Pinto, Lisbon
18:00 Introduction T.F. Lüscher, Zurich
18:10 NOACs in AF patients undergoing cardioversion: Overview and latest data A.J. Camm, London
18:30 Cardioversion and beyond: Guideline recommendation and clinical experience with NOACs J. Steffel, Zurich
18:55 Practical aspects and cardiovascular profile of rivaroxaban B. Meier, Berne
19:10 Discussion and take-home message F. Pinto, Lisbon
Room Davos 1
Satellite Symposium Amgen: Let’s Meet PCSK-9 Inhibition – Let’s Meet LDL Targets
Chair: J. Chapman, Paris
18:00 Introduction by the chairman  
18:05 I AM the high risk patient – current treatment and current outcomes J. Chapman, Paris
18:25 The lower is “The Better”! Do YOU guidelines agree? A. Catapano, Milan
18:45 Familial hyperlipidemia: the catapult to high risk J. Deanfield, London
19:05 Discussion all
Room Schwarzhorn
Clinical Decision Seminar Pearls of Echocardiography / Advanced Echo Imaging
Panel and Cases: F.C. Tanner, Zurich and M. Zuber, Othmarsingen and Zurich
Room Seehorn
Clinical Decision Seminar Cardiovascular Imaging: CMR, CT and Nuclear
Chair: J.J. Bax, Leiden and F. Faletra, Lugano
Cases: O. Gämperli, Zurich and R. Manka, Zurich

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Room Davos 2
Morning Session 1: Lipid Management
Chair: J. Deanfield, London and T.F. Lüscher, Zurich
08:00 US (AHA/ACC) versus ESC Guidelines: Who should get a statin? F. Mach, Geneva
08:22 HDL-Cholesterol – an enigma? U. Landmesser, Berlin
08:44 LDL-C lowering in CVD prevention U. Laufs, Homburg/Saar
09:06 PCSK-9 inhibitors – super statins on the horizon? P. Libby, Boston
09:30-10:00 Coffee  
Room Davos 2
Morning Session 2A: Stable Coronary Artery Disease
Chair: F. Crea, Rome and F. Pinto, Lisbon
10:00 Coronary microvascular dysfunction P. Camici, Milan
10:22 Heart rate reduction in angina and heart failure: a paradox? K. Swedberg, Gothenburg
10:44 Stress as a cause of cardiac disease T.F. Lüscher, Zurich
11:06 The patient presenting with stable angina: drugs or devices? B. Gersh, Rochester
Room Davos 1
Morning Session 2B: Cardiac Imaging
Chair: F. Faletra, Lugano and F.C. Tanner, Zurich
10:00 Differential imaging: How to select the right tool for the patient’s problem? J.J. Bax, Leiden
10:22 Myocardial strain imaging: How useful is it in decision making? O. Smiseth, Oslo
10:44 Hybrid imaging O. Gämperli, Zurich
11:06 Cardiac MRI in coronary artery disease and heart failure R. Manka, Zurich
Room Schwarzhorn
Satellite Symposium Sanofi Novel Therapeutic Approach for the Management of Dyslipidemia
Chair: U. Landmesser, Berlin and F. Mach, Geneva (A lunch bag will be offered)
12:00 Introduction U. Landmesser, Berlin
12:10 Management of hypercholesterolemia: Where do the challenges lie? J. Deanfield, London
12:30 PCSK-9 inhibition: mechanism of action S. Krähenbühl, Basel
12:50 Clinical development of alirocumab: a fascinating journey T.F. Lüscher, Zurich
13:10 Discussion and take-home message F. Mach, Geneva
Room Seehorn
Satellite Symposium Daiichi Sankyo Mass-Tailored Treatment of Hypertension for the Young and the Old
Chair: B. Meier, Berne (A lunch bag will be offered)
12:00 Introduction B. Meier, Berne
12:10 News for elderly patients with hypertension M. Burnier, Lausanne
12:30 Individualised blood pressure goals in diabetes in analogy to HbA1C goals? R. Lehmann, Zurich
12:50 Hypertension and athlete’s heart C. Schmied, Zurich
13:10 Discussion and take-home message B. Meier, Berne
Room Studio

Echo Hands-on Sessions
Tutors: F.C. Tanner, Zurich and M. Zuber, Othmarsingen and Zurich

Interactive hands-on tutorials. One tutorial has a duration of 60 minutes and is limited to four participants. Extra cost: CHF 80. Previous registration necessary.

Room Davos 2
Afternoon Session 1: Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism
Chair: A.J. Camm, London and J. Steffel, Zurich
13:30 Diagnosis of thrombosis and pulmonary embolism H. Bounameaux, Geneva
13:52 ESC Guidelines on pulmonary embolism: recommendations and patient management A. Torbicki, Warszawa
14:14 Comparison of the efficacy and safety of NOACs R.P. Giugliano, Boston
14:36 Ultrasound-assisted thrombolysis for acute pulmonary embolism N. Kucher, Berne
15:00-15:30 Coffee  
15:30-16:30 Meet the Expert Sessions
(Parallel Sessions)
Schwarzhorn Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism: Implementing the New Guidelines
Expert: A.J. Camm, London
Cases: N. Kucher, Berne and A. Torbicki, Warszawa
Seehorn Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardias: When and How?
Expert: F. Duru, Zurich
Cases: S. Benussi, Zurich and L. Haegeli, Zurich
Wisshorn Pulmonary Hypertension
Experts: R. Naeije, Brussels and J.-L. Vachiery, Brussels
Cases: E. Grünig, Heidelberg and S. Ulrich, Zurich
Poster Session: Arrhythmias, Acute Coronary Syndromes Revascularisation, Heart Failure
Chair: T. Gillebert, Ghent
Room Davos 2
Afternoon Session 2A: Ventricular Arrhythmias
Chair: B. Gersh, Rochester and O. Smiseth, Oslo
16:30 Ventricular extrasystoles: always harmless? G. Hindricks, Leipzig
16:50 Ventricular tachycardia: drugs versus devices A.J. Camm, London
17:10 Role of catheter ablation for the management of VT H. Calkins, Baltimore
16:30-17:30 Afternoon Session 2B: Pulmonary Hypertension
Chair: N. Kucher, Berne and S. Ulrich, Zurich
16:30 Pathophysiology of PH – the right heart matters R. Naeije, Brussels
16:50 PH under pressure – the value of stress echo and rehabilitation E. Grünig, Heidelberg
17:10 Therapeutic approaches in PH and the new ESC Guidelines J.-L. Vachiery, Brussels
17:30-18:00 Apéro Riche (for participants of the Satellite Symposia only)  
Room Davos 2
Satellite Symposium AstraZeneca From Acute Care to Long Term Benefit in ACS
Chair: T.F. Lüscher, Zurich
18:00 Introduction T.F. Lüscher, Zurich
18:10 Improving outcomes in STEMI and optimising duration of dual antiplatelet therapy S.K. James, Uppsala
18:35 DAPT – when to start, when to stop? R.F. Storey, Sheffield
19:00 Panel discussion  
Room Davos 1
Satellite Symposium Biotronik Modern Management of Cardiac Device Patients
Chair: J. Steffel, Zurich
18:00 Introduction by the chairman  
18:05 Cardiac resynchronisation therapy in 2015: What, for whom – and for whom not F. Ruschitzka, Zurich
18:25 Remote monitoring for device patients – the modern standard G. Hindricks, Leipzig
18:45 Rate-adaptive pacing – current concepts and systems J. Steffel, Zurich
19:05 Panel discussion all
Room Schwarzhorn
Symposium Perioperative Management of Cardiac Patients
Chair: D. Atar, Oslo
19:20 The new guidelines: a bumpy way T.F. Lüscher, Zurich
19:35 Medical management of cardiac patients during non-cardiac surgery D. Spahn, Zurich
19:55 Surgery after PCI: How many anticoagulants/antithrombotics, which stent? R. Binder, Zurich
19:20-20:15 Clinical Decision Seminar
Patients with ICD and CRT: Trouble Shooting
Panel and Cases: G. Hindricks, Leipzig and J. Steffel, Zurich

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Room Davos 2
Morning Session 1: Atrial Fibrillation
Chair: C. Brunckhorst, Zurich and A.J. Camm, London
08:00 Critical appraisal of AF management guidelines across the Atlantic H. Calkins, Baltimore
08:22 Stroke prevention in AF: drugs or devices? B. Meier, Berne
08:44 Curative treatment of AF: too far to reach? G. Hindricks, Leipzig
09:06 Risk stratification in the elderly with AF: therapeutic implications D. Atar, Oslo
09:30-10:00 Coffee  
Room Davos 2
Morning Session 2: Cardiomyopathies, Sudden Cardiac Death
Chair: F. Duru, Zurich and T. Gillebert, Ghent
10:00 Genetics of cardiomyopathies P. Elliott, London
10:22 Management of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: evidence and uncertainties B. Gersh, Rochester
10:44 The new ESC Guidelines on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy P. Elliott, London
11:06 Left ventricular non-compaction F.C. Tanner, Zurich
Room Davos 2
Satellite Symposium Daiichi Sankyo Meeting the Challenges in Atrial Fibrillation Management
Chair: B. Meier, Berne
(A lunch bag will be offered)
12:00 Introduction B. Meier, Berne
12:05 Balancing benefit and risk during anticoagulant therapy for AF F. Mach, Geneva
12:25 What does ENGAGE AF-TIMI 48 add to the management of patients with atrial fibrillation R. Giugliano, Boston
12:45 Clinical practice of oral anticoagulation – implication of recent clinical trials J. Steffel, Zurich
13:05 Panel discussion all
Room Davos 2
Afternoon Session 1: Percutaneous Interventions
Chair: B. Meier, Berne and T. Mocceti, Lugano
13:30 Bioresorbable scaffolds: the 4th revolution of PCI S. Windecker, Berne
13:50 Is FFR essential to guide PCI? W. Wijns, Aalst
  New ESC/EACTS Revascularisation Guidelines  
14:10 The surgeon’s view V. Falk, Berlin
14:25 The interventionalist’s view S. Windecker, Berne
14:40 Conclusion: what intervention for which patient? B. Gersh, Rochester
15:00-15:30 Coffee  
15:30-16:30 Meet the Expert Sessions / Live in-a-Box
(Parallel Sessions)
Schwarzhorn Biomarkers in Risk Stratification
Expert: C. Matter, Zurich
Cases: R. Klingenberg, Zurich and C. Müller, Basel
Seehorn Cardiomyopathies, sudden death
Experts: B. Gersh, Rochester and H. Calkins, Baltimore
Cases: T. Gillebert, Gent and C. Gruner, Zurich
Flüela What is a Significant Coronary Stenosis? Coronary Flow and Pressure Measurement as a Guide
Expert: W. Wijns, Aalst Cases: O. Gämperli, Zurich and K. Weber, Winterthur
Wisshorn Live in-a-Box: TAVI Implantation
Indications: A. Vahanian, Paris
How to perform TAVI: F. Nietlispach, Zurich
15:30-16:30 Poster Session: Acute Coronary Syndromes, Revascularisation, Heart Failure
Moderator: F. Crea, Rome
Room Davos 2
Afternoon Session 2A: Mitral Valve Regurgitation
Chair: V. Falk, Berlin and S. Windecker, Berne
16:30 The role of imaging in catheter-based procedures J.J. Bax, Leiden
16:50 How to treat mitral regurgitation: Surgery vs. percutaneous / repair vs. replacement F. Maisano, Zurich
17:10 Current and new percutaneous devices on the horizon A. Vahanian, Paris
Room Davos 1
Afternoon Session 2B: Acute Coronary Syndromes
Chair: O. Gämperli, Zurich and B. Gersh, Rochester
16:30 Early diagnosis of acute MI: novel strategies C. Müller, Basel
16:50 Mechanisms of ACS: the clinical perspective F. Crea, Rome
17:10 Biomarkers in risk stratification of patients with ACS: The Swiss SPUM registry C. Matter, Zurich
17:30-18:00 Apéro Riche (for participants of the Satellite Symposia only)  
Room Davos 2
Satellite Symposium Daiichi Sankyo / Lilly Five Years Prasugrel: What Have we Learned and Where Are we Going?
Chair: S. Windecker, Berne
18:00 Revascularisation guidelines 2014 – what has changed how will it impact clinical practice? S. Windecker, Berne
18:20 Update on prasugrel – optimising therapy after ACS/PCI C. Kaiser, Basel
18:40 Safety profile of clopidogrel and prasugrel in the prospective Swiss ACS/PCI cohort C. Matter, Zurich
19:00 Panel discussion all
19:10 Take-home message C. Windecker
Room Schwarzhorn
Clinical Decision Seminar Difficult ECG Interpretations
Panel and cases: C. Brunckhorst, Zurich and F. Duru, Zurich and L. Haegeli, Zurich
Room Seehorn
Clinical Decision Seminar Tricky Cases in Congenital Heart Disease
Chair: J. Deanfield, London
Cases: M. Greutmann, Zurich and D. Tobler, Basel

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Room Davos 2
Morning Session 1: Aortic Valve Disease
Chair: W. Maier, Zurich and F. Maisano, Zurich
08:00 Imaging for patient selection J.J. Bax, Leiden
08:22 TAVI: current state of the art A. Vahanian, Paris
08:44 Stroke prevention in TAVI F. Nietlispach, Zurich
09:06 TAVI in low and intermediate risk patients S. Windecker, Berne
09:30-10:00 Coffee  
Room Davos 2
Morning Session 2: Heart Failure I
Chair: D. Milicic, Zagreb and K. Swedberg, Gothenburg
10:00 Decades of inhibiting the renin angiotensin system M.A. Pfeffer, Boston
10:22 Mineral corticoid receptor antagonists B. Pitt, Ann Arbor
10:44 Beyond ejection fraction: towards a better assessment of cardiac structure and function in HF S. Solomon, Boston
11:06 Comorbidities in heart failure: what a clinician should know S. Anker, Berlin
Room Davos 2
Satellite Symposium Novartis Novel Therapies for Chronic Heart Failure – an Expert Panel Discussion
Chair: F. Ruschitzka, Zurich
(A lunch bag will be offered)
12:00 Introduction F. Ruschitzka, Zurich
12:05 Novel therapies for chronic heart failure K. Swedberg, Gothenburg
12:30 Expert Panel Discussion Moderation F. Ruschitzka, Zurich Experts K. Swedberg, Gothenburg S. Solomon, Boston T. Suter, Berne  
13:00 Questions from the audience  
Room Davos 2
Afternoon Session 1: Heart Failure II
Chair: G. Filippatos, Athens and S. Solomon, Boston
13:30 Sleep apnoea and heart failure P. Ponikowski, Wroclaw
13:52 The interface of cardiovascular and renal disease M.A. Pfeffer, Boston
14:14 When drugs alone are not enough: Cardiac resynchronization therapy J. Steffel, Zurich
14:36 Telemonitoring in heart failure: IN-TIME and beyond G. Hindricks, Leipzig
15:00-15:15 Coffee  
15:15-16:00 Meet the Expert Sessions
(Parallel Sessions)
Schwarzhorn How to Treat Patients with HFrEF
Expert: K. Swedberg, Gothenburg
Cases: F. Enseleit, Zurich and M. Frank, Zurich
Seehorn Diagnosing and Treating HFpEF
Expert: P. Ponikowski, Wroclaw
Cases: A. Flammer, Zurich and S. Solomon, Boston
Wisshorn Devices in Heart Failure
Expert: G. Hindricks, Leipzig
Cases: E. Holy, Zurich and J. Steffel, Zurich
Room Davos 2
Afternoon Session 2: Acute and Advanced Heart Failure
Chair: B. Pitt, Ann Arbor and P. Ponikowski, Wroclaw
16:00 Early management of acute HF: Time is also muscle G. Filippatos, Athens
16:20 Novel strategies in the management of acute HF F. Ruschitzka, Zurich
16:40 Implantable left ventricular assist devices: rise of the machines D. Milicic, Zagreb
17:00-17:15 Poster Award G. Pitt, Durham
B. Pitt, Ann Arbor
17:15-17:45 Davos Lecture Ventricular remodelling: a personal journey M.A. Pfeffer, Boston
17:45-18:00 Closing Remarks B. Pitt, Ann Arbor, T.F. Lüscher, Zurich

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Committees of Cardiology Update


Advisory Board and Programme Committee

Ruth Amstein, Zurich, CH
Jeroen J. Bax, Leiden, NL
Paolo G. Camici, Milan, IT
Filippo Crea, Rome, IT
Volkmar Falk, Berlin, DE
Thierry C. Gillebert, Ghent, BE
Peter Libby, Boston, MA, USA
Thomas F. Lüscher, Zurich, CH
Bernhard Meier, Berne, CH
Marc A. Pfeffer, Boston, MA, USA
Fausto Pinto, Lisbon, PT
Bertram Pitt, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Otto A. Smiseth, Oslo, NO
Karl B. Swedberg, Gothenburg, SE
Alec Vahanian, Paris, FR
Panos Vardas, Heraklion, GR
William Wijns, Aalst, BE
Stephan Windecker, Berne, CH
Salim Yusuf, Hamilton, ON, CA

In collaboration with BWH

Brigham and Women's Hospital


Local Programme Committee Zurich

Ronald Binder
Corinna Brunckhorst
Firat Duru
Frank Enseleit
Andreas Flammer
Michelle Frank
Oliver Gämperli
Matthias Greutmann
Christiane Gruner
Laurent Haegeli
Roland Klingenberg
Willibald Maier
Francesco Maisano
Robert Manka
Christian Matter
Fabian Nietlispach
Frank Ruschitzka
Christian M. Schmied
Jan Steffel
Isabella Sudano
Felix C. Tanner
Silvia Ulrich Somaini

Teaching Faculty

International Faculty

Anker Stefan, Berlin, DE
Atar Dan, Oslo, NO
Bax Jeroen J.,  Leiden, NL
Bounameaux Henri, Geneva, CH
Burnier Michel, Lausanne, CH
Calkins Hugh, Baltimore, US
Camici Paolo G., Milan, IT
Camm John A., London, GB
Catapano Alberico L., Milan, IT
Chapman John, Paris, FR
Corrado Domenico,  Padova, IT
Cosentino Francesco, Stockholm, SE
Crea Filippo, Rome, IT
Deanfield John E., London, GB
Elliott Perry, London, GB
Faletra Francesco, Lugano, CH
Falk Volkmar, Berlin, DE
Filippatos Gerasimos, Athens, GR
Gersh Bernard, Rochester, US
Gillebert Thierry C., Ghent,  BE
Giugliano R.P., Boston , US
Gori Tommaso, Mainz, DE
Grünig Ekkehard, Heidelberg, DE
Hindricks Gerhard, Leipzig, DE
James Stefan K., Uppsala, SE
Kaiser Christoph, Basel, CH
Krähenbühl Stephan, Basel, CH
Kucher Nils, Berne, CH
Landmesser Ulf, Berlin, DE
Laufs Ulrich, Homburg, DE
Libby Peter, Boston, US
Lüscher Thomas F., Zurich, CH
Mach François, Geneva, CH
Maisano Francesco, Zurich, CH
Meier Bernhard, Berne, CH
Milicic Davor, Zagreb, HR
Mocetti Tiziano, Lugano, CH
Mourad Jean-Jacques, Paris, FR
Müller Christian, Basel, CH
Naeije Robert, Brussels, BE
Niebauer Josef, Salzburg, AT
Pfeffer Marc A., Boston, US
Pinto Fausto José, Lisbon, PT
Pitt Bertram, Ann Arbor, US
Pitt Geoffrey S., Durham, US
Pocock Stuart, London, UK
Ponikowski Piotr, Wroclaw, PL
Ruschitzka Frank, Zurich, CH
Sharma Sanjay, London, GB
Smiseth Otto A., Oslo, NO
Solomon Scott David, Boston, US
Spahn Donat, Zurich , CH
Storey Robert F., Sheffield, UK
Suter Thomas, Berne, CH
Swedberg Karl B., Gothenborg, SE
Tobler Daniel, Basel, CH
Torbicki Adam, Warsaw, PL
Vachiery Jean-Luc, Brussels, BE
Vahanian Alec, Paris, FR
Weber Klaus, Winterthur, CH
Wijns William, Aalst ,BE
Windecker Stephan, Berne, CH
Wood David, London, GB
Yusuf Salim, Hamilton, CA


Local Zurich Faculty

Benussi Stefano
Binder Ronald
Brunckhorst Corinna
Duru Firat
Enseleit Frank
Flammer Andreas
Frank Michelle
Gämperli Oliver
Greutmann Matthias
Gruner Christiane
Haegeli Laurent
Holy Erik Walter
Klingenberg Roland
Lehmann Roger
Maier Willibald
Manka Robert
Matter Christian
Nietlispach Fabian
Osto Elena
Schmied Christian M.
Steffel Jan
Sudano Isabella
Tanner Felix C.
Ulrich Somaini Silvia
Zuber Michel

Last update: January 2015



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