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PCHF London: Participant Testimonials

Dr. Omar Gómez Monterrosas, Hospital Angeles Puebla, Puebla, Mexico | PCHF London - 2nd Edition

Omar Gomez

"As a clinical and interventional cardiologist, this course gave me the opportunity to increase my knowledge in one of the most important subspecialties in cardiology, Heart Failure, which does not have a formal postgraduate course, nor heart failure medical associations in Mexico. This program covers in each of its modules all the areas of interest necessary to complete postgraduate studies, with expert professors, opinion leaders, who are also the authors of the high impact factor research articles and Guidelines. During the course, we could network with the opinion leaders and they were accessible to answer questions and share their knowledge. I also had the opportunity to meet colleagues from all over the world, from different subspecialties, who share the same passion to learn more about heart failure. Finally, this course also allowed me to learn about innovative procedures, imaging studies, and visit a training center and one of the best hospitals in Europe."

Dr. Joanna Osmanska, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow, United Kingdom | PCHF London - 2nd Edition

Joanna Osmanska

"The PCHF London is a unique programme for clinicians interested in heart failure. As a heart failure trainee, it was a privilege to be selected as one of the participants and learn from world leading experts. It was an absolutely brilliant course which provided a deep insight into management of heart failure, novel treatments, and strengthened the awareness of evidence-based care for patients with heart failure. The course was extremely well organised, with fantastic team working behind the scenes to ensure that all sessions run smoothly. The course offers a unique opportunity for networking with like-minded colleagues who share a common interest and enthusiasm about the management of heart failure.

Dr. Mabelle Young, Luzerner Kantonsspital and Spital Schwyz, Lucerne, Switzerland | PCHF London - 2nd Edition

Mabelle Young

"It was a great pleasure to participate in the PCHF Postgraduate Course in Heart Failure London 2021/2022. I personally found this course to be very well organized, thoughtfully structured, extremely informative and enlightening. The lectures, short talks, rapid fire sessions, case presentations, interactive hands-on opportunities, evening events and much more made the course worthwhile. It also provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with outstanding speakers and colleagues from all over the globe. I look forward to implementing everything I have learned into daily practice. I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in heart failure."

Dr. Luisa Aguilera, Cardiovascular Institute of Minimal Invasión, Guadalajara City, México | PCHF London - 1st Edition


"I am one of the fortunate participants of the PCHF London Course. The first module was better than I think. The logistics was perfect, the organizing committee is always attentive and smiling, I always felt comfortable and safe, even before the start of classes.
We had professors with a high degree of experience in the area of heart failure. The lectures were focused in a very interesting way, all the speakers worked to find the balance between the scientific basis and the clinical application; personally, I think it is fundamental in a high-level course.
The Professors were very close with us, all our questions were resolved in a wonderful way with an excellent disposition of the experts, always respecting opinions with a cordial atmosphere.
I really enjoyed meeting people from other countries, it is wonderful to share medical experiences with cardiologists from all types of hospitals, to know how they treat cardiovascular diseases and the epidemiological differences between each of them.
In conclusion the course gives you the opportunity to live an experience of high academic, social and cultural level. Absolutely it was worth flying twelve hours to London.